play FREE Bingo and take CA$H

here is a tutorial
at first you have to register her: “/> “/>


if you read this I think that you have registered.

than klick on bingo:

what we see? O__O 100€ this round?? (if you read it later, it can be a other value!!)
then klick to play bingo here:

the first bingo card is every round free. for more you need 250’000 points and to pay 25’000 points.
if you make all right it looks like this(or a little bit smaller if you have other numbers):

if you win and want take the money or spend the money click on this(in yellow):

klick left to spend or right to take money:

the last step is by you! Spend for the good world or TAKE THE FUUUING CA$H!!

here the link again if you don’t click the upper link -.-


noref: :arrow:

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